How To Fix the Arras WordPress Theme Slideshow

It took my a bit of trying, but i was able to finally get the Arras theme slideshow working. I tried a few things and found some of the details in the forum, but it still took some trial and error to get it done.

Here are the steps I took that ultimately fixed the issue.

- WordPress 3.2.1 – start with the obvious. Be on the current version of wordpress.

- Arras 1.5.2 – With my host Network Solutions, the Arras version available was 1.3. The old version may have been part of the problem. Make sure to deactivate your plugins if you upgrade.

- Housekeeping – Disable plugins. Clear your browser cache. Restart your browser. I did this after upgrading to the current version of Arras.

- Reset Arras – Before you begin to reconfigure, reset the Arras under the theme options.

- Activate plugins – Some may need to be upgraded based on supported versions.

If this works for you, you should be able to view your page and see the slideshow working. I had to reconfigure the image in one to post to get that particular one working, but the rest were already working. Arras 1.5 has a lot of updated features and functionality. The configuration dashboard is also much better than version 1.3. Done properly your site should now look like this:

Arras WordPress Theme 1.5.2

Arras WordPress Theme 1.5.2

Good luck!