Have tried the new mobile social networking smartphone app Path?

I recently received a tweet from a coworker in response to a post I shared about up and coming social networks. He mentioned hearing about the Path smartphone app currently in its early adopter phase. Once I started looking, I began to see it all over the place. Seeing the buzz, I downloaded the Android version earlier this week.

Path App

After installing, I can see why Facebook has rushed to release the new timeline profile format. Path has as a very simple and intuitive user experience You and your contacts follow and post while on the journey on your life’s “path.” It currently can post to the major social networks, but it can also push check ins to foursquare. Now that is the interesting part. In theory, you could avoid logging in to foursquare at all and still earn your points. I have only posted a few times, but I would call it the Ikea of social networking apps. Simple, elegant and functional.