How To Create An Infographic With PowerPoint

Recently HubSpot shared a downloadable how to guide, “Free Template: How to Easily Create Infographics in PowerPoint,” which allows anyone to easily create an infographic with PowerPoint. This template provides a lot of useful insights and simplifies the process, but it does have its limitations.

Designing the infographic itself can be done quickly, but condensing and connecting multiple slides into one image is not as simple. Although HubSpot provides a link to a free tool online to convert your PowerPoint (saved as PNG images), it does not work as simply as the template would lead you to believe. I attribute most of this to the tool itself, so I chose a different route.

- In PowerPoint I created each slide as sections of my overall infographic
- I then saved the deck as a PNG file. This will automatically save each slide as a separate image
- I then opened a fresh slide and increased the dimensions of that slide. This is not an exact science. You may have to play with the dimensions of this slide depending on the number of slides you would like to incorporate
- Next I opened each PNG version of the slides and copied and pasted them into the new extended slide. This also involved a bit of trial and error, but it worked well

The process is easy and takes a small amount if effort. The real limitation is creative ability and most importantly, finding the right content. For more on infographic design concepts, check out my post “What Makes a Good Infographic?” on the Penton Marketing Services INSIGHT Blog.

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