Recap of My 2012 Blog Posts on Other Sites

Over time it is easy to lose all of the posts you provide to blogs across the web. In and effort to remember my past social media and SEO posts, I’m going to use this one to create an ongoing list of my past blog posts on other sites. Many of the posts I wrote prior to 2011 are no longer live. Going for ward I may archive all posts from other sites.

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Social Media Neuromarketing Revisited 2011

For the first of these posts, I’m including a 2011 blog post on the EyeTraffic Media and Penton Media’s site. This was my second post following up on, “Neuromarketing in Social Media.” In 2010 I attended 2 session focused on applying the principles of neuromarketing to the decision making process. This program explained how the brain evolved and how that impacts the ways our brains processes information. It was a fascinating course. I apply these concepts in my marketing programs.

Ways to Utilize Social Media for B2B Sales

For my next post I offered ideas on how to use social media to benefit B2B sales. This post describes a process sales professionals can follow to best utilize social media while prospecting, preparing for the pitch as well as ways to follow up to keep the opportunity warm.

Content and Conversion – Volume Does Not Equal Volume

Now most online marketers are becoming aware that vomiting content on their audience hurts more than it helps. The industry is just beginning to address this issue. Many organizations post content for contents sake. So much so that Google is penalizing sites for sharing too much content that provides little value to its audience.

What Makes a Good Infographic

There are too many poorly designed infographics floating around these days. Most lack key elements that make an infographic great; not just good. In this post I describe the core elements of a successfully executed infographic – Audience, Message, Tone and Personality, Theme and Hook. Since the Pinterest craze started I’ve been pinning them all on my infographic board.

Navigating the B2B Social Media Universe Infographic

I can’t pretend that I did not become engulfed in the infographic craze. I pin and post most that I come across. This particular infographic caught my attention because I’m an astronomy geek as well as a social media marketer. The stats are also interesting. Just today I pinned “The Cost of Living on Mars.”

The Best Times of Day to Post Content on Social Media Profiles

We post content all day, but is our core audience seeing it? Thanks to analytics we can test this concept ourselves. The industry also has more data on this now and a few are included in this post. It just happens to be an odd fact that there is an infographic included in this post as well.

Duplicate Content – Will Google Penalize Your Website When Quoting Others? via Google’s Matt Cutts

Looking back, this post has a very long title, but duplicate content is a huge issue. In this video Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO authority, answers questions and offers advice on how to reference and quote other posts properly.

8 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blog Content

This may be one of my more valuable posts of last year. SEO and content have a symbiotic relationship. One cannot succeed without the other. This post contains a list of 8 SEO concepts to think about when preparing to share content.

2012 B2B Social Media Statistics

Posted in January of this year, this post lists some of the most valuable B2B social media marketing stats of 2012. I found this data on a number of sites including MarketingProfs and ClickZ. Sam Hunter helped quickly create the infographic included to test how fast we can produce basic visuals.

Those are my 2012 posts on the EyeTraffic Media / Penton Marketing Services blog. Unfortunately switching from our old wordpress site to Penton’s DNN architecture did not allow us to archive outs posts starting in 2009.