Social Media and Online Monitoring Strategy – SlideShare

Beginning in 2007, I have helped many B2B, B2C and non-profits understand their organizations’ place within their industries online. Over the years I have developed advance online brand and reputation monitoring solutions for organizations like DuPont, American Cancer Society, Rosetta Stone and many others.

Social Media monitoring is one of the most popular methods of gaining business intelligence across the web, but is also frequently misunderstood. Many organizations use software to find and report on mentions of their brands’ name online. This is a good start to understanding the strength of your brand, but it does not provide the context and full picture to truly show your brands place within its digital universe.

Within the Social Media and Online Monitoring Presentation Deck attached, I define, explain and provide tactics to develop an effective brand monitoring program. In this SlideShare presentation, I share strategies to answer key questions that will allow your organization to further evolve its digital marketing strategies.

These questions include:

 Who is talking about our brand?
 What is being said online about our brand & products? Is it positive or negative?
 Where is this conversation occurring?
 Who are the influencers authorities in our industry?
 What are our competitors doing?
 Are we missing important information about our brand, industry, audience or any other valuable insight? What do we not know?
 What strategies can we incorporate into our marketing and business development efforts that will drive thought leadership, brand awareness and ROI?

Please let me know what you think about this presentation> welcome your questions and ideas.