Turn Off LinkedIn Autoplay Ads

Today I was listening to CNN’s live broadcast while working. I logged into LinkedIn and quickly returned to twitter. After a moment passed, I heared ads playing at the same time as CNN’s news cast. I assumed that it was just a brief connection hiccup and continued what I was doing. After another couple minutes passed, I paused the news and checked all the open tabs on my browser. When looking at LinkedIn, I found 2 separate autoplay video ads on the home page.

I turned off LinkedIn autoplay ads through the settings. It took me a few minutes digging around for it because it is not an option directly under the Privacy Controls menu under the Profile tab.

Here is the path I followed:

1 – Hover you courser over your profile picture in the top right corner of the page. Select Privacy and Settings.

LinkedIn Profile Settings

2 – On that page you will find a section in the bottom left with Profile as the first tab. On the profile tab the privacy controls menu is the first series of option to edit settings, but there is nothing listed that will turn of the autoplay advertising videos. Select the Account section 3 tabs down from the Profile tab.

LinkedIn Account Settings

3 – At the top there is another Privacy Controls menu with a single option – Manage Advertising Preferences. Selecting this setting pops up a small window with a checkbox selecting setting – LinkedIn may show me ads on third-party websites.

LinkedIn Privacy Controls LinkedIn may show me ads on third-party websites

When you change the third-party ads setting you will not have autoplay videos on your home page. You won’t see those ads anymore, but you also won’t see ads from any organizations that you may have interest in viewing. This is important for any business advertising on LinkedIn. Even if a business does not have autoplay videos ads, it should be aware that others may not follow the same strategies. Every business needs to be aware that autoplay videos as well as popups greatly increase bounce rates.

For more info around bounce rate concepts, check out Search Engine Watch’s recent post, “Reduce Bounce Rate: 20 Things to Consider.”