Head Games Infographic Buyers vs. Sellers Perception Gaps

In a recent study book by Hinge Marketing, “Inside the Buyer’s Brain“, it covers the the differences in perception of the selling process in professional services industries. By preforming in-depth research of 1500 senior decision makers on both sides of the table, Hinge shows that most sellers do not understand the challenges buyers face when choosing a vendor.

In follow up to the book, Hinge created a fun and interesting infographic that highlights just a few of the key points. The infographic, “How Head Games Can Ruin Your Brand Strategy“, is filled with valuable insights. Some of my favorites include:

- When you’re focused on the wrong challenges, you bring the wrong solutions.

- Most sellers’ competitors aren’t who they think.

- Sellers do a bad job of explaining why their services are relevant to buyers’ problems.

- Sellers don’t realize just how much buyers value their reputation for producing results.

- Overwhelmingly, sellers thing cost is buyers’ top priority.

Hinge Marketing’s Infographic:

Infographic: How Head Games Can Ruin Your Brand Strategy